Vibration Training Module

Vibration Training Course

As a leading boutique specialist in vibration monitoring, we invite you to enhance your team’s expertise with our tailored online training module, “Advanced Blast Vibration Monitoring.” This comprehensive 5-hour session is conducted by Nathan Rouse of Thoroughbred Drill and Blast Consultants, in partnership with ShotTrack, focusing on the practical and theoretical aspects of blast vibration in mining and construction.

Course Objective: Equip your team with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in blast vibration monitoring, from setup to analysis and design implementation.

COURSE AGENDA: Advanced Blast Vibration Monitoring

Duration: 5 hours, supplemented by interactive quizzes and potential group activities. Comprehensive course materials and additional resources will be provided. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate of training.

Introduction to Blast Vibrations

  • Definitions and key characteristics
  • Overview of factors influencing blast vibrations


Instrumentation and Setup

  • Selection and placement of Geophones and Accelerometers
  • Step-by-step guidance on setting up vibration monitors correctly


Analyzing Waveforms

  • Techniques for assessing waveform quality
  • Basic and advanced waveform interpretation methods
  • Frequency calculation methodologies


Building a Site Model

  • Strategies for calculating charge weight per delay
  • Developing regression models tailored to specific mining sites
  • Importance of detailed site analysis


Signature Holes and Calibration Blasts

  • Setup procedures for signature holes
  • Conducting calibration blasts and analyzing their impact on vibration


Timing Optimization for Vibrations

  • Differences between nonelectric and electronic detonators
  • Wave superposition modeling
  • Application of Monte Carlo simulations for predictive outcomes


Vibration Control with Blast Designs

  • Design strategies to minimize vibrations
  • Effects of initiation sequences and delay timing
  • Considerations for blasting near sensitive structures and controlling vibration amplitude and frequency


This training is ideal for teams seeking to leverage cutting-edge vibration technology to enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance in the mining and construction sectors. Join us to advance your team’s capabilities in managing and mitigating blast vibrations effectively.


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