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The ViB-Nano has been designed to provide a cost effective way to monitor vibration for a range of applications, from ground vibration produced by controlled blasting, to bridge stability and geophysical surveys.

The unit houses a high precision tri-axial accelerometer, controlled by the latest Bluetooth and dedicated mobile phone application, which allows immediate results, file upload to the cloud (SHOCK AI) and report generation.

The unit is powered by an easily replaceable coin-cell battery and can be set for various data collection modes to increase battery life or amount of data collected.

The ViB-Nano, measuring in at 70mm diameter and 27mm height, can be easily deployed with the M8 thread buy means of a Dyno Bolt, base-plate or screw in spikes for soft ground applications.

This introductory offer is available until the 31/05/2022.

Regular price is $1,200 USD with a SHOCK AI cloud upload and software access fee. 6 months free access included with purchase.

This product is available for pre-order ETA 15/06/2022.


Preliminary Specifications


  • Selectable 2, 4 & 8g
  • 2g = 256,000 LSB/g
  • 4g = 128,000 LSB/g
  • 8g = 64,000 LSB/g


Sample Rate

  • Accelerometer selectable 1000, 2000 & 4000 samples per second.



  • Dedicated smart phone application
  • Triggering levels from 5% – 80% of selected G range. All 3 axis can be set individually


Data Upload

  • Data stored locally, on mobile device and uploaded to Shock AI Cloud.
  • Shock AI subscription needed to upload data (can also be sent to third party cloud)



  • Diameter – 68mm
  • Height – 27mm
  • Weight – 162g (with battery)


Mounting Options

  • M8 Centre Thread
  • Mounting Plate
  • 100mm Spike
  • 50mm Spike

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