ViB-Pro – 10, 20 & 40g

The ShotTrack ViB-Pro is a compact and versatile vibration monitoring unit designed to provide cost-effective solutions for a range of applications, including ground vibration monitoring, bridge stability, and construction induced vibration.

Equipped with a high-precision tri-axial accelerometer, that is selectable 10g, 20g, or 40g, the device can be controlled by a dedicated mobile application via Bluetooth, providing immediate results and the ability to upload data to the cloud (SHOCK AI) for analysis and report generation.

Powered by a rechargeable 4.7Ah Lion battery with UCB-C fast charging, the onboard GPS provides accurate location and timing information, and the PPS embedded in the data provides for precise propagation timing and other testing requirements. It also features a wire-break option for timing requirements underground.

Our ViB-Pro can be deployed at any angle, with the M10 thread, Dyno Bolt, base-plate, or screw-in spikes for soft ground applications. The unit comes with three months of free access to SHOCK AI cloud upload and software for analysis and reporting, with the option to continue using these services for a fee after the initial free period.

Easy-to-use, portable, and cost-effective the ViB-Pro is your all-in-one solution for monitoring vibrations in a variety of applications.


Selectable 10, 20 & 40g

  • ±10g – 51,200 LSB/g
  • ±20g – 25,600 LSB/g
  • ±40g – 12,800 LSB/g
  • 20 Bit resolution

A key feature of the ViB-Pro is the accelerometer providing users with the sensitivity, accuracy, and resolution needed to monitor vibrations effectively in a range of applications.

Sample Rate

X,Y,Z Wave Form Mode

Accelerometer selectable 1000 & 2000 samples per second

  • Up to 26 seconds @ 1000 s/s
  • Up to 13 seconds @ 2000 s/s
  • Up to 100 Events onboard memory

Another valuable feature of the ViB-Pro is the wave form mode providing users with detailed and accurate data that can be used to monitor and analyse vibrations in a range of applications.

Peak Vector Sum Mode

  • Up to 52 seconds of PVS @ 1000 s/s
  • Up to 26 seconds of PVS @ 2000 s/s

PVS mode is particularly useful for applications where a single value is required to represent the overall vibration experienced, such as in the case of occupational exposure limits.


The ViB-Pro comes with a dedicated mobile phone application that enables users to set triggering levels from 5% to 80% of the selected G range for all three axes independently. This feature allows users to customise the ViB-Pro to meet their specific monitoring requirements.

The application also provides a histogram that reports the peak acceleration of the X, Y, and Z axes every 5 minutes. This information is useful for analysing the data collected and identifying any trends or anomalies in the vibration patterns.

The mobile application enhances the functionality of the ViB-Pro, providing users with a user-friendly interface that allows them to configure the device to meet their specific needs, monitor data in real-time, and analyze data quickly and efficiently.

Data Upload

All data  is stored locally on the mobile device, enabling users to access and review the data without the need for an internet connection. The device also features the ability to upload data to the Shock AI Cloud, providing users with a secure and convenient way to store and analyse their data.

To upload data to the Shock AI Cloud, users will need to subscribe to the Shock AI service. However, the ViB-Pro also offers the option to send data to a third-party cloud if preferred. This flexibility allows users to choose the cloud service that best meets their needs.

By providing users with a range of options for storing and analysing data, allowing them to select the most appropriate method for their specific requirements



  • Diameter – 133mm
  • Height – 36mm
  • Weight – 440g


Mounting Options

  • M10 Centre Thread – Anchor Bolt
  • Mounting Plate
  • Outer Tabs – Removeable

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