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ShotTrack VoD 305 – Software/Firmware Package

ShotTrack VoD latest updates

Cloud based support functions
To operate in the ShotTrack cloud environment the unit has had these functions added to the operation.
• A function to set a “secret key” that handles the encrypted portal access. This key allows the unit to upload data to the portal as a backup, remote access, and part of time collated data from numerous units. Together these files will be able to be accessed, edited, and provide reports such as site law reports etc.
• A secondary encryption option that allows a unique password to be used to encrypt the uploaded data for further protection on top of the portal security.
• Remote automatic access functions that can upload data, operator free, with options to delete the data after the upload has been verified by the portal.
These options are only available when the units are registered in the ShotTrack Portal.
Please enquire for further information on the planned dates for the roll out of the ShotTrack Portal.


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