What coaxial cable can I use for VoD measurements?

Most quality 75 Ohm coaxial cable will be sufficient for the use with ShotTrack VoD Product. We recommend high quality RG6/U Quad Shield.

RG59/U and RG59 Mini are also good alternatives.


What connectors should be used?

For RG6U Quad Shield we use Blue BNC Compression Connectors which have superior advantages. When using alternative cable, communicate with Access Communications to determine the best solution.


What is the best cable for underground testing?

RG59 Mini is a good cable for underground use, it has a diameter of around 3mm and is highly flexible.


What are the best techniques for the preparation of a shot?

See "PDFs, Presentations and Videos" Page.


How can I request a quote for equipment?

Add items you would like a quote for into your shopping basket, then continue to the payment page, you will have the option to "Pay Now" or "Request a Quote"