ShotTrack III VoD firmware is V2R6 (Latest version)

Update to latest VOD firmware: The latest version of ShotTrack III VoD firmware is V2R6

New in this version:

  • Bug fix for reloading calibration factor once the battery was disconnected or fully discharged.
  • Some display screen inconsistencies when changing set-ups fixed.

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  1. Download firmware 
  2. Unzip file Open ShotTrack for Windows 
  3. Go to File/Upload firmware 
  4. With the Unit OFF Press and Hold the SET button on the unit and plug in the USB cable. 
  5. Release the SET button after the computer identifies that the device is connected. 
  6. The PC may have to load drivers first. The PC will indicate if this is the case. 
  7. The Upload firmware dialog should change to connected. 
  8. Click on Upload driver and navigate to where you put the firmware update file. 
  9. Click on the file and then click on open. 
  10. The program will install the firmware and indicate the progress as it does. 
  11. After it is loaded the unit will reset itself and become a USB drive to the computer once more. 
  12. Close the Upload firmware dialog and go back to Configure instrument to reset the clock which is reset during the update.

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