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SaS (Seismic & Sound)

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ShotTrack have developed a series of new seismic and sound monitors designed to address the needs of users who require a cost effective time synchronized vibration and sound monitoring solution.

With selectable 2, 4 and 8g ranges the unit is very adaptable to many requirements.

Position and timing is effected using a GPS receiver. Providing there is a GPS fix the trigger events are time stamped to UTC time and date and a one second pulse marker (accurate to +/-50ns RMS) is recorded along with the vibration information. This embedded time signal is displayed on output graphs and reports. The last PPS Marker captured indicates the exact second recorded in the event data, so the precise timing can be measured (accurate to the sample rate chosen e.g. 250 microseconds at 4,000 s/s). If GPS signals are not available, then a Real-Time Clock chip provides a depreciated accuracy based on the last GPS time update.

Each unit has a sophisticated battery condition monitor that provides an accurate fuel gauge facility.

Battery charging uses a USB C connection and complies to all industry standards.

These units can be pre-configured for histogram mode, sample rate, record time, pre-trigger time, trigger type and level at any point prior to being deployed and the On/Off button simply pressed to start the unit. The unit will wait for either a wire-break or trigger level depending on trigger mode and record for the duration set, after the event is stored the unit resets itself and waits for the next trigger level event. The data includes a programable pre-trigger time. The unit can be reconfigured using a smart phone application and data is uploaded to the cloud using the phone App.

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