ShotTrack ViB

ViB – Fully Self Contained Vibration Monitor | ShotTrack Pty Ltd

The ShotTrack ViB is a fully self-contained vibration monitor designed for a broad range of testing. With accelerometers ranging from 2g to 6000g, selectable sample rates up to 32,000 s/s, GPS Pulse per second embedded time stamp and up to 1000m remote wireless control and download, the ViB covers many of your vibration monitoring requirements.


ShotTrack have developed a series of new vibration monitors designed to address the needs of users who require a cost effective time synchronized vibration monitoring solution.

Position and timing is determined using a GPS receiver. Providing there is a GPS fix, the triggered events are time stamped to UTC time and date and a one second marker (accurate to +/-50ns RMS) is recorded along with the vibration information. This embedded time signal is displayed on output graphs and reports. The last PPS Marker captured indicates the exact second recorded in the event data, so the precise timing can be measured.


  • Small, portable package
  • Fully self-contained
  • 2g to 6000g accelerometer range options
  • Up to 32,000 s/s Bandwidth 6 KHz
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to1km
  • GPS, with PPS timestamp
  • Software package
  • Rugged, IP 67, High shock resistance
  • External power supply (optional)
  • Solid state memory
  • No cables or connectors (base model)
  • Purpose built software
  • Standard Dyno-Bolt mounting
  • 5 Tab mounting holes


  • Quick and easy deployment
  • No need for data acquisition units
  • Far—Near field testing capabilities
  • Capture key data
  • Control units remotely
  • Accurate time synchronization
  • Analyse and export data into reports
  • Survival in the toughest conditions
  • For permanent fixtures
  • High vibration tolerant circuitry
  • Eliminates common weaknesses
  • For easy setup, analysis and reports
  • Easy deployment and retrieval
  • Alternative coupling options



Specification Sheet pdf